Remote Work at Franklin County

To support Franklin County employees working remotely we’ve prepared a collection of "how to" documents, links, and tips to get you connected and working securely from virtually anywhere.

Use the linked documents below or the search function to find information on remote desktop access, email, Office apps on the web and mobile devices, VPN connectivity, and new real-time collaboration and communication tools like Microsoft Teams.

Trouble Connecting?
We occasionally hear from users struggling to connect to County resources remotely. In many case we find the problems are at the user’s home — their Wi-Fi, other users at home using up bandwidth, or their Internet provider. If you’re having trouble, contact us with questions — we’ll be happy to double-check our systems and talk you through some tests to isolate the problem.

Having access to your email, calendar, documents, or other resources remotely does not authorize employees to work a modified schedule, work remotely, or log overtime hours. Check with your supervisor, employee handbook, or Human Resources for more information.

Remote Work KB Articles